Monday, December 21, 2009

Wintergreen - The Recap

Friday night: leave home at 5:30pm.

Saturday morning: arrive at our condo at 2:30am.

Yes, that's 9 hours in the car. 9 hours in which our dog was a perfect angel, refraining from whimpering, barking or any other expressions of her frustration at being in a sometimes moving vehicle without a single potty break.

(In comparison, Sunday's return trip took something like 3 hours, which was about half an hour longer than normal.)

But it was worth it for 30+" of snow. Fluffy, beautiful, drifting, shifting, accumulating SNOW!

It made the 2-3" we got at home seem paltry in comparison. And 2-3" is a respectable amount for this area.


  1. That's awesome - I'm sure you and hubby were loving all that wonderful fresh snow. Were you able to ski or are you already restricted from that? We spent a weekend at Wintergreen back in November with some friends and had a fabulous time at the spa and hiking and eating. Can't believe it took you 9 hours. We were down in Chesapeake over the weekend and it took us about 5 1/2 hours to get back to Northern Virginia. Hope you are feeling good.

  2. We didn't ski either day. Saturday the wind was blowing horribly - no fun to ski in that. Sunday DH had some Patrol responsibilities and I did our Christmas cards (finally) before taking time to clean the condo and take the dog for a easy walk in the snow.

    I'm not restricted from skiing, I just didn't feel comfortable enough with the conditions to risk it.