Friday, November 20, 2009

Ups and Downs

-first Lupron shot this morning means the cycle is moving along.
-period started this morning right on time.
-SUNSHINE! I feel better today than yesterday. Much less moldy.
-it's Friday!

-cramps. Nuff said.
-dog is coming up with new allergy symptoms - $94 this morning to learn that plus update her kennel cough booster.
-the weekend is going to fly by thanks to the list of chores that need to be done.
-it's 70 degrees in Mid-November. My office is an oven thanks to 3 walls of windows.

What do you have?


  1. Ups:
    It's Friday!
    I've been busy at work.
    I've had some resolutions to some annoying IF insurance related issues.

    TONS of homework this weekend.
    I've got a To Do List a mile long.
    I'm worried I'm getting signs of OHSS again. :(

  2. Ups: No bruising from last nights injection
    Get to go pick up my step daughter in about 10 min, and we are going to bake like there is no tomorrow (or that's the plan). I am dog sitting for my inlaws, and my nephews birthday party is tomorrow (though somewhat bittersweet, that is also the anniversary of loosing our little Sea Monkey).
    Downs: It's really starting to cool off, but I guess that's whats supposed to happen this time of year, my Thanksgiving list keeps growing, which is fine, it's the fact that my husband thinks its perfectly acceptable for them to eat off paper plates, and is mad that I (inexpensively) bought matching white plates to feed all the adults! Ugh! MEN! :)

  3. Ups: Got nine hours of sleep last night.
    Next week is Thanksgiving.
    My boss didn't notice that I lit incense in his office yesterday.

    Downs: Tomorrow would have been my Dad's birthday.
    Doc's condition continues to deteriorate.

  4. Ups: Having a relaxing Sunday morning.
    My dog is sleeping and is not pacing and panting like he's usually been doing.
    Short work week!
    I'm only cooking for 3 on Thanksgiving.

    Downs: After $400 in tests and meds, my dog was just diagnosed with Cushings Disease. This means MORE expensive medication. Poor guy.
    Only half way through my 2ww.
    Need to go visit my cousin's new baby today. She is 3 years younger than me, already has a 19 month old and is obviously ridiculously fertile