Monday, November 23, 2009

Protocol Update

So, I started the .10 of Lupron Friday morning. Easy peasy. (Except for the part where my first shot left a small bruise where the needle hit or nicked a vein. Oh well, it wasn't the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last.) For the first time, I have spread my supplies outside our bathroom where they have been happily occupying a double handled paper Hallmark Store bag. But with Lupron needing refrigeration, I figured it was easier to have the needles and other supplies in the kitchen so I didn't schlep the vial back and forth, or up and down, morning and night.

Last night was the first Menopur(2)/Bravelle(4) mix. I tried to do the same with it as the Lupron and keep all of the supplies downstairs, but after DH complained for the third time that he didn't have enough light to see properly even with all of the kitchen and breakfast area lights on, and had also managed to spill a small amount of the mix onto the kitchen counter, and since he has always done such a good job of doing the mixing in the bathroom, I decided it was easier for the rest of those shots to just swab myself with alcohol twice and haul the six vials of medication plus the vial of saline upstairs at bedtime. I'm just not patient enough and want to hurry in the mixing, so it's better if he does the work.

I don't remember the Menopur burning when I used it separate from the Follistim (which never burned me), but the Menopur/Bravelle mix wasn't pain-free and I could still see a bit of pink in the area this morning. I think I celebrated the loss of Ganirellix too soon, even though it stung like a bitch and left a huge welt it was only for three days - Bravelle is going to last for at least three times that many days. Tonight I will try icing the area first to see if that helps. Otherwise, I can't really tell any side effects from any of the meds.

Wednesday morning brings a ultrasound appointment with the RE and I'm hoping that I won't have to go back until Sunday even if it means I don't get a good sleep in on any morning. We're currently planning to come home Saturday from our Thanksgiving travels - if needed we could come home Friday for a Saturday morning appointment, but I would prefer to keep our plans in place. There will be more to come on those plans in another post.

Any suggestions on sting reduction? Or mixing of 6 vials?


  1. Bravelle definitely stings. I never iced my stomach but I did ice my butt before the POI, which helps, so I would assume the same is true for the stomach. My nurse told me to push it in slowly to minimize the sting...counterintuitive but I did it. Good luck and have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I thought I was pushing it in slowly, but I'll try slower tonight as well.

    BTW - How was your trip to Wintergreen?