Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Unwanted Transition

Turns out the Lupron flare protocol and I do not play nicely together.

As of this morning, I have one super egg (18x25 or something ridiculous like that) and one tiny little 8mm egg hiding behind it.

As of this afternoon, DH and I will be going natural for this cycle. Based on the lack of results from our original trying, I'm not holding out much hope that we'll get lucky, but at least it doesn't count against our IVF count, and since we never had success with an IUI, we and the RE didn't see the sense in paying for that, but we could have made that decision.

So, today is the final day of Lupron, Menopur, and Bravelle; DH will shoot me up with the trigger first thing tomorrow morning; and we'll try, try, try starting Tuesday evening.

Frankly, I think I saw the little eggie that could (and did) when I went in for the first visit on this cycle (before I started the meds), but the RE didn't pay any attention to it. Live and learn for my not saying anything. So I'm currently frustrated and upset and allowing myself a good day of self-pity before moving onward.

I'm also thankful that this news came after Thanksgiving, but now I'm having to re-script my thinking about Christmas. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing DH's cousin's children (any of whom I would cheerfully kidnap for our own) it's also going to be more bittersweet this year after the yes/no we had in October. And my super idea for DH's present (a new camcorder) really isn't going to be necessary so that leaves me having to come up with something else that would be totally unexpected and wonderful. No pressure there.

At least I can drink. But that's a small consolation.


  1. I'm so sorry that it's not working... drinking doesn't seem like a good enough consolation prize!

  2. Damn, damn, damn. It just seems like one disappointment after the next - it is more than time for you to have some good news. I hope that you guys are able to enjoy your trying and that maybe, you will have some good news!

  3. Oh no... so sorry. Enjoy the booze at least. (I know that's how I'm consoling myself at the moment...)

  4. Darn, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this during the holidays. That is WAY lame.

    Good luck trying the old fashioned way, let's hope that super egg feels like getting lucky.

  5. Arrg. I hate getting sidetracked. The natural way could work though, crazier things have happened right?
    Enjoy your holiday cocktails-I'll be enjoying mine!

  6. UGH. I am so sorry about this turn of events. I hate this kind of crap. Try to enjoy the holiday drinks, as much as possible! I know I will...

  7. Oh no!!! I'm sorry. Suck city.
    Drink up.