Thursday, October 22, 2009

My head exploded on the way into work this morning.

As I drove into work, I was listening to the local semi-alternative / independent radio station this morning and there was an advertisement for the local flagship store of a very well known scented candle company.

In that store they have a lot of different departments, or so I've heard. Despite carrying around a decent sized gift certificate in my wallet for a year, I've not actually been in the store. The main reason is because I'm afraid of the scent overload headache that I've experienced just walking into one of the smaller stores. Or just walking by one of the smaller stores. Secondary, I haven't thought of anything I might need there as I already have a nice scented candle collection I rarely burn. But I suppose I need to go soon or it might be a repeat of the Ruby Tuesday episode.

Anyway, this advertisement was talking about the upcoming events being held at the store - one of which was pumpkin decorating with Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

(Excuse me, just writing about it makes my head want to explode all over again.)

Now I understand they maintain a Christmas department with the Clauses' year round. That's fine. It's not the first or last Christmas store in the area.

What I do have a problem with? Mixing holidays. It's bad enough that several of the stores I've been in recently already had displays of Christmas decorations, but to mix the two holidays? Auuuggggghhhh. It's not right.

Am I alone in this feeling or am I just missing out on the spirit of the season?


  1. I suspect the overload of scents in that store have scrambled their brains. I agree that mixing holidays is wrong, especially mixing Halloween and Christmas. That is just so wrong!

  2. Thankyou for the funny post. I had a bad day yesterday and I needed a ggod laugh.