Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conjugal Visit & Laundry

DH let me know last night he was able to come back for a few days. Apparently a portion of the job not under his control has gotten delayed, and it is pushing back the schedule for everything else until it is completed.

So he'll be back at the house by 5:30ish this afternoon and I'm so excited! I'm even skipping Bunco, which you know is a true sacrifice, to have more time to spend with him while he's around since he's not sure when he'll have to go back.

It's also the right time of month to give things a try "the old fashioned way", so that's a super bonus; not that we wouldn't be taking advantage of the together time anyway.

Not so much of a bonus - the laundry he is coming back with. He took clothes for five days (I think), he's been there for ten days and has not visited a laundromat or purchased additional items. You do the math. (I'll wait while you shudder.) I swear, men turn into boys when it comes to doing their own laundry.

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  1. Enjoy ;)

    BTW, we are planning a trip to Wintergreen on 11/14!