Monday, October 26, 2009

An Additional Something To Try

Saturday I added a 81mg aspirin to my existing morning pill regimen of pre-natal vitamin, fish oil, and glucosamine/chondroiten. Compared to the others, it is minuscule.

Despite my fond memories of the chewable orange flavored St. Joseph's brand I decided it wasn't worth upwards of ten extra dollars to go brand name for the same amount of pills as in the generic bottle.

I'm not exactly sure what the aspirin is supposed to do exactly, (I'm thinking it has to do with blood flow? I haven't checked Dr. Google yet, so if you know, feel free to impart your knowledge.) but it certainly can't hurt and will possibly help the next transferred embryo stick around for longer.


I read another bloggers post last week about the decision that IVF was not for them. It really pushed my buttons; and in my comment, in addition to a reasonable statement, I said so using those words. That portion of my comment really inflamed some of the other commenter's which really surprised me. Apparently by saying that her words had pushed my buttons meant that I didn't respect her decisions and that I was speaking for the rest of the IVF readers. When what I meant was that what she had to say affected me negatively and rather than explode my issues all over her comments section I was refraining. Maybe not the smartest thing to write, but not a reflection or judgment on her decisions but my own reactions to how she wrote about them. It wasn't until I read those following comments that I realized that the loss of two weeks ago is probably still coloring some of my reactions as well as my own continuing love/hate feelings towards IVF.

I do enjoy her posts, so I will keep reading, but I don't think I'm going to comment again anytime soon. What would you think, if some one had written that you post pushed their buttons, in either your comments section or in the comments section of another blog? Was I out of line?


  1. Well, if I'm annoyed or irritated by a post, I usually refrain from commenting entirely. It's just too easy to stir up hornet's nests on the Internet and I've found it's less stressful for me to just leave it alone.

    That said, I don't think you were out of line or wrong. Don't you just love how the other commenters immediately jumped down your throat though?

    Ah, gotta love the Internet!

  2. Aspirin is for increased blood flow. I got the chewable ones for the first few months and then went with the cheaper bottle from Costco. I actually really liked the little orange ones.

    From what you've written, I don't think it was wrong to leave that sort of comment. If you could have, I would have sent it via email rather than a comment, but I do think that sometimes people write without thinking about how others might take the words. I mean, if I wrote a long post saying how great America was and how terrible all other countries were in comparison, I don't think it would be wrong for someone to point out to me how this could be potentially hurtful to the majority of the world. BUT if I wrote a post about how I love America, period, I don't think that's offensive and I'd expect people who disagree to simply click away. Does that make sense?