Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Freakin' Birthday to Me

Yesterday's # was 11. That's it. No more.

And DH had the gall to ask me why I hadn't followed up with someone on a question HE has a problem with when the person called yesterday. Um, maybe because I'm still processing the realization that this much longed for pregnancy basically ended before it even got going and it's taking up all my extra brain cells?

I guess I should have been much more specific with my wish last year - not only to be pregnant (check) but to end up with a healthy baby at the end (no check).

So now I'm waiting for my body to realize the hormones have stopped and end the cycle. Not exactly the kind of waiting I was looking forward to. From there, the "recurrent miscarriage" blood tests for immunologic issues and clotting. Might as well get them over with, I'm not getting any younger over here. Then, depending on timing of periods, the next treatments probably won't start until December or January.

So yeah, Happy Freakin' Birthday to me.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry. That stinks so bad, especially on your birthday. A positive beta is such a great feeling and it's awful that you get your hopes up only to be so disappointed.

    And yes, my DH drives me nuts when he grills me on things from the RE, when he could easily pick up the phone and call himself.

  2. Noodle Girl - the question was about something else entirely. Rereading my paragraph, I see that wasn't exactly clear.

  3. I'm so sorry, that is by far the lamest birthday discovery ever.

  4. That really, really, really sucks :( Life is so unfair.

  5. Oh honey, I am so, so sorry. The disappointment is just so hard, isn't it? Big hugs.