Monday, September 21, 2009

One out of Two ain't bad. Is it?

As suspected, I was ever so ready to take that Valium on Friday.

(Added to the prior stress I was feeling, my MIL arrived at the house later than I was hoping for so I was terrified we were going to be late. Then the RE ended up running 30 min or so behind. Ironic that.)

Turns out that only one of the two frozen embryos thawed properly, so there was only the one to transfer. Currently nicknamed "The Blob" thanks to it's appearance on the photo the lab provided.

I'm hoping The Blob looked around and decided it was in a pretty nice place. According to the RE since it was a Day 5 it should settle in pretty quickly.

Also learned something I hadn't seen anywhere, for a frozen cycle when you take estrogen and progesterone, and have a successful beta, you have to stay on the estrogen and progesterone until 9 or 10 weeks because the placenta doesn't take over until then.

So now it's wait time. And I'll try not to focus on the fact that DH is currently scheduled to be away the day of the blood work. Stupid work.*

*Which I can't resent too much as it is allowing us to pay for these procedures and medications, but I'm very tired of him being away.


  1. That sucks he's going to be gone on blood work day! He'd better have his cell phone on ALL DAY then!

    Glad the transfer went well. I hope The Blob slips on some PJ's, pops some popcorn, and nestles in nice and happy-like for the next 40 weeks. Goodness knows you've earned it.

  2. Sending really good thoughts in the wait.

  3. Hoping the wait passes quickly for you, and wishing you have a wonderful result at the end!

    Go Blob, go!