Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Perils of Home Ownership

Status: At home waiting for the HVAC tech to show for our scheduled half-year maintenance.

It's pretty much a given that as soon as I go to the little girls room he will come down the driveway and drive our dog crazy. And oh yeah, it's not just the annual guy coming but also a service rep to look at the seating of one of our outside units that is now resting at an angle to determine if it was their fault or the builders. The builder, who has left the area so we can't go back to them and point fingers. The cost to fix it will probably have to come out of our pocket.

Last week was the annual termite check whose major finding was that we have water damage on our deck rails. Really? I hadn't noticed. Maybe that's why I just placed an order for $300+ worth of railing materials and plan to work on redoing it over the weekend? (and the following week, and so on and so forth)

This sort of thing always seems to come together but not close together enough that I could manage to get the appointments scheduled on the same day.

Looking back at the calendar, I haven't had a week where I wasn't delayed getting to or missing a day plus of work for at least one day since the week of June 15th. (Mulch, RE appointments, retrieval, transfer, termites and HVAC.) Next week we're going on vacation, so it looks like the week of August 10th will be the first week I have nothing on the calendar that will cause me to miss work.

Wait, do I count the likely possibility of leaving early Friday to pick DH up for our weekend trip to Tennessee for a ski patrol conference? Shoot, I guess that means it's the week of the 17th.

Good grief!

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  1. I hear ya, home ownership can take years off your life what with the stress and the cost and the maintenance work!

    Wes and I are trying to figure out what we'll do with our GINORMOUS tax refund next year. We're thinking new windows :)