Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swimming Along

For those who may be wondering...

We are moving on with life. What happened sucks, blows, stinks to hog heaven, isn't fair, [insert your own adjective with negative connotations], etc. Yes, we were disappointed and hurt by the failure of my girls and DH's boys to party like it's 1999.

But it is not the end of the world. There are much worse ways for this cycle to have ended. And I don't want to detract from those people whose expectations have risen higher and fallen further than mine.

Yesterday I got back on the elliptical but didn't push it (how *did* I manage to gain a pound while barely eating for a couple of days?) and resumed other activities. Ahem. Activities that we maybe, probably, should have waited a few more days to resume.

DH and I are doing our best to look forward. Thus the discussion we held last night, addressed in the prior post. We no longer want to dwell on the why nots, we want to "keep on swimming," try again and see if we can get it right the next time.

Now if I can just convince our parents that we're as okay as we're going to be and that their offerings of sympathy do not equal support.


  1. Offerings of sympathy can suck sometimes.(My mom makes me feel worse, not better with hers!) I'm glad you are feeling strong enough to move on...that's amazing. Wishing you lots of ferty sticky embie for the next cycle, and courage for now.

  2. Good for you! Just think of how many calories you're burning just by swimming along!

    Seriously though, it sounds like you and DH have a great attitude about this whole thing. Way to keep your chin up!

  3. Good for you and DH; wondering about all the “what if's” will not change the situation or what happened in your cycle. Looking forward and moving on with your next plan of action is so much more constructive. I know its hard but moving on sometimes is easier. I know I have done both.

    I hear you on the family situation; I swear my mother has always taken our failures and losses much worse than I have. We now tell no one that we are cycling; it just takes the added pressure off us. Good on you for starting exercise again, that is my big problem. After my overindulgent time away I should really do something……………