Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Perspective Check

Yesterday morning I put together a 'woe is me' post guaranteed to cut my readership to nothing. Oh the drama, the pain, the overwhelming horribleness of it all. Ad nauseum. What I wrote WAS truly horrible, so bad that even in my state of upset I couldn't bear to post it.

In the meantime, I decided that rather than continue to spend time in a negative round of navel gazing and increasing funk, it might be a good idea to get out of the office and have lunch with a couple of friends. So I emailed a couple of women I eat lunch with a couple times a quarter to see if they were interested - even mentioning a restaurant I know one particularly likes as an incentive.

There was no response from either before I got hungry, so I ended up going out to grab something myself. This didn't particularly surprise me as one has a bad habit of not responding to emails and I had used her home email address so I knew it was a crap shoot whether she would check that account before lunch or even that week. The other I used her work email, but she has a hell-bitch of a boss, so I figured she just couldn't respond for some reason.

When I returned from lunch, I had an email from the one I wasn't expecting to respond that the other had been in an accident over the weekend and was in the hospital. Then she called me, and accident was an understatement. Our mutual friend had been thrown from a horse and had internal injuries requiring multiple surgeries. She will probably remain in the hospital for a good week or two, perhaps more.

Suddenly what I was moaning about* didn't seem so bad. I hate that it took serious injury to a friend to put things into perspective, and I'm trying to not forget that lesson and sink back into a fugue of self-centered crap.


DH and I met with the RE and his staff about the IVF process this morning. More on that later.


*Grossly Edited Summary: Ignoring feelings about IVF leads to ugly cry over something totally unrelated, and cry hangover the following morning. There's more, but that's the gist.

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  1. Man, perspective can be rough sometimes. Whenever I sit down to blog and the only thing that comes out is morose stick-in-the-mud, I step away from the keyboard until I'm in a happier place. Good job for your restraint, and don't beat yourself up about the perspective thing. No one has the perfect perspective all the time. Your worries are not invalid just because someone happens to have more/different worries.