Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Results and Contemplations

So we're back from Snowshoe and it looks like we'll be back there again next year. And the next year, and the next year, and the next year, ad infiniteum.

That's because DH passed the remaining modules of the certification program. Doing so means a high honor as only 1.5% or so of all the ski patrollers in the country have reached this level; I don't know the percentage of those who completed it in the second year. But it also comes with the responsibility to remain in the program, and return as an evaluator for the upcoming candidates. I'm very proud of my husband for reaching this level, and since this is one of the few things he does outside work that requires socializing with others, I'm all for it. Plus, I get away from home and get to ski a different resort at least once a year. (We'll probably be taking a trip out West sometime next year, possibly to Steamboat, but details are very hazy at this point.)

The worst thing about going away is coming home and returning to the same old, same old. No matter how much fun and relaxation you fit into the time away it never seems to transfer back to "real life" things like laundry, cooking, and cleaning. With the economy tanking, I'm hearing more about stay-cations, and other low(er) cost means to vacation without wiping out the bank balance or college fund.

With this return I tried to figure out my favorite things about being away from home, and what I could possibly do to recreate them so home is more relaxing overall. The biggies are: eating out and not being responsible for dinner, not being responsible for cleaning, and different scenery.

So let me think, what of those can I change? Hmm, I don't think DH would appreciate eating out every night for either the cost or dietary issues. Cleaning? I suppose if I could find someone trustworthy that could be a possibility, but doubt that their services would come free. Do you know how I could change the scenery other than paste large pictures over all of the windows? Perhaps some changes to the decor in our house would make it seem different? But again, that's not always a low cost option.

Looks like I'm back to facing the same old, same old without options. Maybe I should start looking through those back-issues of Southern Living and other magazines that have been building up for the past 8 months for some ideas to implement this spring.

Or I could just turn to my loyal readers for any thoughts you might have on low-cost changes to make home more vacationy.

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  1. Sometimes just re-arranging the furniture is enough to make things seem different! Even if you don't like the new arrangement as much, it still shakes things up a bit!

    Also, sometimes moving decorations or pictures around can freshen the look. I'm notorious for shifting things all over the house because I get bored easily. Good luck!