Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last night was Bunco. (Don't worry, I got a ride with one of my neighbors, so I didn't take my license out of my pocket for a repeat of last month's day of stress.)

I totally love this group of women old enough to be my mother or grandmother. Most of them are sharp as six tacks and have wonderful senses of humor. Many were military wives who lived in other countries, others have lived all over the country; there is a real diversity of background, but not skin color. Our neighborhood is lite on that.

One round, our table got onto the topic of how much younger I am than everyone else in the group. From there it went to how I'm going to have a lot of funerals to attend in the next twenty years, and then someone made the suggestion that I could be a professional mourner. Despite what could be a serious topic, there was a lot of laughter and joking. I was keeping score and got to laughing so hard I couldn't see the spots on the dice for the tears in my eyes.

It felt really good to laugh that way, and I wish I could recreate the conversation so you could join in, but it's probably one of those things where you had to be there.

I especially appreciated it as I was feeling a bit blue from the end of our first cycle of 2 off before we move to the next step. Though I know it's unlikely I can't help but hope that things will fall into place naturally during this break so we don't have to move on to IVF. The good news is that even though my temps were all over the place (not helped by a change in my morning routine mid-cycle thanks to our Snowshoe trip), it was a 27 day cycle and didn't stretch out to 40+ days as I had feared.

At this point I feel like our chances are not dis-similar to a slot machine. All the winning parts are there, but there's no controlling whether they will line up or not unless you rig the machine.

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  1. Yay! At least things are moving right along the way they're supposed to, so there's something to celebrate! Brownie party?