Monday, March 9, 2009

Celebrations and Revelations

Celebration #1 - 7 Years today DH and I stood in front of friends and family and got ourselves legally wed. Right now I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Check back later to see if my answer changes.

Celebration #2 - According to Blogger this is post #250. I had no idea when I started this how long it would last. (I could use the same wording to describe trying to get pregnant. Huh.)


Revelation #1 - I'm thinking of changing the name under which I leave comments. Deep down I'm stilll Mrs. Higrens, but I'm thinking a first name will be more personal like, but I'm afraid the change will confuse people. Is it too late to change? Thoughts? And yes, I do have a name in mind.

Revelation #2 - As of right now I have no present for DH, and no idea what to get him. Guess I'd better check what the traditional/new present is for the 7th anniversary and hope I can find something in town that will be most excellent. He's so hard to buy for. Sigh.

Revelation #3 - DH and I are leaving Wednesday night heading to Snowshoe for the weekend. It's year #2 for him to attempt to finish the certification requirements for the highest level in Ski Patrol. I'll be skiing and with shared accommodations I'll probably be away from the computer until the 16th.

If I don't get a chance to check back in, have a great week and a super weekend!

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  1. Congrats on both your anniversary and your 250th post! It's kind of funny how blogging gets into your blood and becomes the part of you you never knew was missing! I'm glad you've stuck with blogging (and trying to get preggers!) for so long!

    Changing your name might be confusing for the first few initial comments you leave people, but once they follow the link back to your blog they'll figure it out quick enough. Go for it!

    Good luck for DH and his skiing certification, I hope you both enjoy your anniversary!