Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Of Dogs and Men

Okay, one dog and a woman.

And we will be going to the vet this afternoon to see if the dog has conjunctivitis.

The thing is, the shape of the eye opening on Boxers allows junk to collect in their lower eye lid. Typically this material (cat fur, dust, pollen, etc.) drains out without causing eye irritation, and just leaves an unattractive trail of gook on her face.

It appears now that some thing has irritated one of her eyes to the point where the color and consistency of the drainage has changed noticeably (notice I spared you further description of the two types). As I said to the vets office, if she was human I'd say she had conjunctivitis. To which the assistant replied, dogs can get that too. Who knew?

Me, I'm wearing my hated glasses today because my eyes are screaming. My fault entirely, since I've not given them a day off from contacts since we started going up to the condo on a regular basis in January. Before now I'd been giving my eyes a weekend day off as part of an attempt to keep them happy. It's not so easy to do at the condo with activities on Saturday and driving home Sunday raises questions about transport and remembering to return the container to the condo the following week. Guess I'm going to have to override my vanity and wear my glasses to work one day a week to keep my eyes happy. Or I'll end up wearing my glasses a whole lot more often. Like every day. And that would really suck.


  1. We thought Doc had conjunctivitis for a little while but it turned out all he had was allergies. Poor guy gets all gooped up during the summer and every morning we have to wrassle him with a kleenex. He fails to see the point in our vanity and would much rather eat the kleenex.

  2. Our pug has watery eyes which I've been told is a trait of the dog breeds with "bug" eyes. The gross part is that the fur under her eyes stays damp and, well, we all know what happens when dog fur stays damp! Stinky! We have little wipes we use on her but oddly, she seems to like it when we clean her eyes. I'm glad I haven't lost my sight yet. I have a phobia about contacts. I'd be stuck w/glasses 24/7 if I were you.