Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Out of My Way

That's what I was muttering to myself all the way to work this morning thanks to some drivers who shouldn't have been on the interstate.

Ski resorts used to have limits on who could go down certain, expert level terrain. Things like age, length of skis, even skiing ability were taken into consideration before each skier was allowed or denied access to the harder terrain. Nowadays, anyone regardless of equipment or ability, are allowed to go down the same slopes.

I'm thinking we need to revive the old ways, and place limits such as vehicle ability and driving skills on highways and interstates. Simply enough, if you don't have a certain sticker on your license plate, you're not allowed on highways or interstates.

This would certainly take care of school buses and any other vehicles whose speed is limited to a maximum less than the speed limit (although school buses would probably be exempt. dammit.). Also, recently licensed drivers and those whose fear and tentativeness when interstate driving creates more of a problem for others on the road.

To be clear: if you want to go the speed limit, that's fine and dandy. Not to mention, legal. Just stay to the right and don't block the left lane because you want to go a mile per hour faster than the person in front of you. But to those drivers who deliberately drive below the speed limit - there are other roads heading the same direction and based on your speed, you'll get there just as fast on them as the interstate.

Of course, this plan would take funds the state (and nation) currently lack, so I guess it will just have to remain in my brain; along with the LED signs with scrolling text that should be installed on every car with phrases like "Thank you for letting me over." & "Who the %&$*#@ taught you to drive." & "Get the %&$*#@ out of my way." You know. Simple phrases that show politeness to the millions of idiots out there on the roads.

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  1. I've had that thought about LED signs too! Mine would say, "Buddy, letting me in won't kill you" and "Please stop picking your nose" and "FYI, your kid just flipped me off" I think those signs would be very helpful.