Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Date Night - On the Cheap (To Us)

As I've mentioned, we don't go out very often. Even less now that DH and I work in opposite directions from home. It doesn't help that the closest restaurants aren't all that close.

So, last night was a rare exception. We not only went out to dinner, we also caught a movie. In the opposite order.

And it only cost us $7.00

Yes, you read that correctly - the two of us saw a first run movie and we ate dinner at a sit-down restaurant for all of $7 out of pocket.

How you ask?

Simple - combine one free ticket offer (thanks to a movie set we might have purchased anyway), with a hoarded gift certificate to the movie theatre, and we ended up $1 richer.

Dinner was thanks to another gift certificate that was enough to not only cover the entire bill but also a bit of the tip - the remainder of which was $8.00.

So that's how we had a very nice evening out for less than I spent at lunch yesterday.


(For those who are interested, we saw "Underworld: Rise of The Lycans" and ate dinner at Outback. Both of which rate an 'eh' from me, so I'm just as happy to have only spent a tenth of the actual cost.)


  1. You know, for what they are (campy vampire flicks) the Underworld movies really aren't bad. I blame Kate Beckinsale, she's just so darn pretty she can make even head-to-toe black pleather work for her.

  2. To explain the 'eh':
    The story line and cinematography in this one were both darker than the first two. At times I had difficulty distinguishing between the background and action. Plus, there was no Kate, and knowing the basic storyline thanks to flashbacks in the earlier two movies, it didn't really keep me on the edge of my seat. IMHO, it was okay, but not as enjoyable as the first two.

  3. Wow, I love cheap date nights :) I don't think we've ever had one quite so cheap as that!