Friday, January 30, 2009

IUI #6 - Big Plans for Saturday

Last IF post for two weeks, I promise!*

So I went to the RE (again) yesterday afternoon. I was supposed to go first thing but some other, more urgent (meaning surgery involved) patients needed to be seen first - which was fine as I think I actually got more work done going later than I would had I had an earlier appointment. Not that I have THAT much to do at work - but I spent more time there...does that make any sense whatsoever or am I just rambling here?

Anyway, I have one nice big juicy egg. And one that may or may not go. 1 good egg on 200U. Not good, and another indicator that things aren't right in the state of Me. But it only takes there's that.

I also found out firm numbers - my FSH went from 6.? to 15.?. In 9 months. Even the RE was surprised when he compared the numbers. They shouldn't have tripled in that time frame. So definitely will be doing that test again in the event that this cycle is a bust. These numbers also make doing IVF a bit harder as fewer eggs mean fewer chances - but I do have the age thing on my side in the quality vs. quantity debate. But we're not there just yet.

Ovidrel late last night along with doctor approved marital relations. IUI on Saturday followed by a trip up to the mountains (this means we have to leave the house around 7 for DH to leave his guys by 8 to be washed and fluffed for the actual IUI, and then spend a couple hours hanging around town with the dog in the car before being able to pick the guys back up at 10 and my appointment at 10:20), and then more doctor approved marital relations that evening.

And then we wait. Again. I start progesterone along the way and test on the 15th.

So that's where things are now. Not great, but not terribly horrible either but still a holding pattern in which I never expected to participate.

*My fingers are crossed behind my back where you can't see them because I'm not sure this is a promise I can keep.


  1. Hmm, just a thought, but sometimes day 3 numbers go higher when you cycle month after month without a break.

    It still would be slightly up, and 15 isn't really bad at all, but you might get lower numbers if you just had a natural cycle before you get the next test.

    Or is you took DHEA! ;)

  2. @Aurelia - that certainly has crossed my mind, and I have been on either Clomid or Follistim for more than a year now with only one break.