Friday, January 30, 2009

PSA: Valentine's Day is Two Weeks From Tomorrow?

And what have you done?

Probably more than I have. I know you have as I have done nada, zip, nothing beyond having the thought that I should do something.

Excuses, excuses: we're not going to be home, I'm not sure if we're even going to be together physically thanks to some patrol training exercises at different mountains...if not for that I'd be all over planning dinner at a nice restaurant, or trying to figure out a way for the two of us to go away for the weekend sans puppy.

Buying cards today, but not sure what else to get...perhaps a PS3 game or two that he and/or I can play. (We only have one game and it is frustrating him - and if he's frustrated he's not going to play, and I'm so far behind him in gaming system skills that I'm not going to even attempt this game.)

Perhaps it's also time to take another trip to Vickie's for something I'll only wear a couple of times. (Did I tell you my dog found the last item off the top of the laundry basket and managed to pull the little hook for the top so out of shape that it won't hold the top closed correctly and pushing it back will probably break it? Such is life with our dog. If I ever find the time to get to a fabric store I'm going to look to see if I can find a similar replacement.)

What are you doing for your sweetie or plans do you have together?


  1. If we can fit it into our budget, I'll make chilaquiles for Wes and we'll probably devour an entire box of chocolates together. Indigestion is the ultimate Valentine's gift!

  2. I don't think we're doing much, our anniversary was this past weekend. So, kinda low key. Maybe I'll make a good dinner.