Monday, December 8, 2008

Maybe I'm Still A Blond After All...

Looking in the mirror this weekend I came to the disheartening realization that my hair, which used to be more blond than brown has reversed and is now more brown than blond.

It's not unexpected, the same thing happened to my Dad around the same age. And before going gray (and now blond, thanks to her hairdresser) my mother was a fairly dark brunette. Of course, my father also started to lose his hair at the same time the color changed, but as far as I can tell, I still have all my hair, and the brown hairs are thicker than the blond, so my hair isn't so fly-away as it was.

I've always identified as a blond, so this realization wasn't met with joy. On the bright side, at least my brows (which have always been darker than my hair) are now a better match, and I still have my natural high-lights.

But, what gives me hope that I'm still a blond (at heart at least) is that as we spent the weekend at our Wintergreen condo, I neglected to transfer my cell phone from my ski jacket back to my purse after dinner Saturday night. We won't be back up for 2 whole weeks and I'm not spoiled enough to ask my parents to drive up and get it to send to me, so that means I'm not going to be connected unless some other option is exercised.

The options I've come up with are: (1) Have DH take the call forward off the phone he got only a few months before he was given a Blackberry for work, use his number, and either take messages or give his new number to anyone who calls him. This could also involve forwarding my number to his phone for the duration. (2) Take one of our old phones into the wireless store, have it activated under my number until I get my phone back, and then switch back. Not sure if there is a cost associated with this on top of the time it would take out of my life to stand in line and have the associate do their thing. Twice. (3) Live without a cell phone for the first time in over a decade(!), and try to remember to check messages on a regular basis.

Getting a new phone is not an option. It took me months as my old phone was slowly dying to pick out this phone, and I'm not eager to repeat the process anytime soon. I think I'm going to lobby for option (1) as it is the easiest and most certainly lowest cost of the first two options. I'm not sure I can live with option (3). Would you want to?


  1. Living without a cell phone is painful yet possible (I speak from painful recent experience). If you can stand it, it'll probably be easier than the other options.

  2. I would LURVE to have an excuse to ditch my cell phone for a few weeks!!! But then, I'm a closet, quasi anti-social personality.