Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holy S***! There's Only Two Weeks 'Til Christmas!

-And we have yet to decorate inside or out.

-And since the landscaping has grown, this will be the first year we don't light the two magnolias at the corners of the house, so I don't know what we're going to do.

-And we've never had candles for the windows, and of course I can't find any I like at this late date. Why do I never think of this until the last minute!?! (I don't count the battery operated ones we bought 10 years ago that are a pain in the rear to turn on and off and suck up batteries like there's no tomorrow.)

-And my parents are coming for the holiday, so I need to deep clean the house between now and then.

-And I'm not sure what to get my MIL, FIL, mother (1/2 done), grandmother, and DH.

-And the bedroom in which presents are wrapped is a mess.

-And not one cookie has been baked.

-And I'm not sure what Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day breakfast, and Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) breakfast will be. Or what food I should have in the house.

-And the cards have yet to be written, addressed, stamped, or mailed.

-And ...


Deep breath. What has been accomplished?

-Shopping is done for my BIL and father, and half-done for my mother. And I have one thing for DH's stocking, and an idea for another (it's a specific type of coffee, so I don't want to get it until as close to Christmas as possible so the smell doesn't give it away).

-We have plans to get the tree, and decorate inside and out this weekend.

-I found a replacement snowflake light for the end of our garage since the last one we had burned out more bulbs than we could easily replace.

-The menu for Christmas dinner is almost finalized.

-I know what desserts need to be made for Christmas night.

-The greeting cards are in the office, waiting to be acted upon. (Perhaps I will try to work on that tonight while waiting for DH to get back from his 1-day trip to Connecticut.)

-I picked up a great item for the family gift exchange ($5-10 limit, stranger the better), so there is only one more to find, and DH has been keeping an eye out as well.


What else, not Christmas related?

-The new duvet cover coordinating with the drapes and valance has been filled with a new comforter and put on the bed. It's a little heavier and warmer than our old comforter, but I like it. Too bad the zipper is at the top instead of the bottom (really, doesn't it make sense to put it at the foot of the bed?). Hopefully we will get the roman shades and corrected shams this week so we can finish the bedroom this weekend.

-One week down, one to go to find out whether we were successful with the last IUI or not. I'm honestly getting a little tired of the progesterone supplements. Not to be too graphic, but nothing ever seems to dry out down there. I may be digging out the A & D ointment (what? it's great for soothing irritated skin in all areas of the body) to keep things happy.

Phew. I feel better getting this out. I know it will get done, and what doesn't isn't important, but it's hanging over my head right now.


  1. I know how you feel. Our cards are half done sitting on the coffee table. They are laughing at me.

  2. Crossing my fingers for you on the IUI results. Wouldn't that be a lovely Christmas surprise?

  3. @Annemarie - I did get the address labels printed last night (after some cursing and gnashing of teeth), so that's a step in the right direction. And they are sitting, with stamps nearby, on the breakfast table waiting my further attention.

    @Katie - Yes. Yes it would. Thanks for the good thoughts.