Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas & Pre-New Years Highlights

List form as there is so much to do, so little time in this week I'm off work. (AKA, don't look for regular posts again until after the 5th.)

  1. Waking up to a phone call at 6:15 Christmas morning from my Grandmother. She was having chest pains and was going to the hospital. A MRI, Cat Scan, and Stress Test later, she is on heart medication and feeling much better. No obvious reasons for her increased blood pressure. But you look back and can see how things were obviously not right for a while.
  2. Gifts! The biggies... Parents: a silk/cashmere robe whose most important feature is the sleeves which are skinny enough to push up instead of flopping around my wrists. DH: a beautiful gold bracelet, delicate enough to not be heavy, intricate enough to be interesting. In-Laws: a pair of ruby and diamond (chip) studs to wear with a pendant and ring I already have. BIL: a bottle of my daily perfume. Reportedly now discontinued. Boo! Grandmother: a Santa cookie jar.
  3. My father Googling "Gunp*wder Punch" and finding this blog on Christmas Day. Ack! I may have made it worse by my reaction - close the page! close the page! Oh well.
  4. Drinking the aforementioned punch both Christmas day (Necessary after doing all the cooking myself, and for my parents having spent good portions of the day at the hospital.) and Saturday night. Yum!
  5. Spending the Saturday night after Christmas with 4 kids under 4 and not having a problem. Except for the whole wanting to steal them away under the cover of night thing. I think that's better than sobbing miserably, isn't it?
  6. Going to Best Buy on Sunday to exchange the XBOX360 DH received for a PS3, and not having to wait in line to make the exchange. And having enough in gift cards to cover the upgrade costs!
  7. Good RE appointment on Monday. 3 nice eggs, and IUI #5 scheduled for Weds. That works for me, and DH won't have to make a special trip into the city on a day he's off work (Thursday and Friday). Start Prometrium Saturday, and test on the 15th.
  8. While calling to wish my parents a happy anniversary after the RE appointment I pulled up to a gas pump, and then my MIL pulled up on the other side. Neither one of use lives close to the station, we just happened to be at the same place at the same time.
  9. Lunch with DH and his mother after the RE's appointment - he had an appointment himself for another reason and was also closer by than normal. It was nice to see him in the middle of the day - now that he's working in Richmond, I don't get to have lunch with him anymore.
  10. The shot that gave me so much trouble last cycle went so much easier last night. I just stabbed myself like I was throwing a dart and boom! it was in smoothly.
  11. Big plans for New Years Eve: BIL will come over, we'll all play video games (Hellgate & The Witcher on PC, and our one PS3 game), probably all at the same time. Some will drink Ballatore, others will partake in sparkling juices. Whoopee!
Hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!


  1. Wow, it sounds like things are bright and merry in your world and I'm so glad! Have fun with your time off this week, I hope it's muy relaxing!

  2. Your new robe sounds divine! Wishing you a babyful 2009, hon!

  3. OMG Your dad found your blog?! EEEEK! I hope he doesn't go searching for it later on. Did you have to explain yourself?? What if your parents are secret bloggers too?? You just never know :-)