Friday, November 7, 2008

Going the Distance

As my earlier post feared, my body is being supremely uncooperative and went positive for ovulation prediction mid-morning.*

You would think that doing an IUI on Saturday would be better than a weekday, but no.

On Saturday DH has to make a special trip to the lab to make his "deposit"first thing in the morning (has to be there before 8AM), which isn't a problem on a weekday because he's pretty much in the area thanks to work, but on a weekend when he can typically, and looks forward to sleeping in, it is Not.A.Good.Thing.

Appointments on Saturday are 1st come, 1st served. So that means we have to be back in Richmond by 30 minutes before the IUI is scheduled, to pick up the refined "deposit" from the lab as they do not have courier service on the weekends and take it to the appointment ourselves.

And since this is the one Saturday we have plans that cannot be changed (also in Richmond), we will either be home for 20 minutes before having to leave the house again, or have to figure out a good way to kill 3 hours between the appointment and the concert, and wear our clothes for the concert to the IUI appointment.

I tried to get a later appointment, but no one had called after me for a Saturday procedure. And apparently the earlier appointments are booked.

What I wouldn't give for a successful RE's office in my town!

It doesn't help that DH is being shitty about all of this, especially since I have have no control over this part of my body's functions. If I did, I would certainly have been at the RE's today or earlier this week. I hate the timing of it as much as he does. Sometimes I just don't feel like he's willing to put the effort into this situation, and is so caught up in how what we are going through inconveniences him that he's not willing to do whatever it takes to reach our goal. Great attitude for parenting, huh?

Oh it makes my head and heart hurt. Wish us luck so we don't have to go through THIS another time.

*Hindsight: I should have tested first thing instead of waiting for mid-morning, then we could probably have done the IUI early this afternoon which would have made everyone in my household much happier.

Also, going the distance refers to the number of trips we will be making to Richmond tomorrow. At least 2, if not 3. All one hour, one way. Gah.

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