Friday, November 7, 2008

Boo-Yay (or Yay-Boo to be precise)

Yay: Lunch yesterday with my Mother-In-Law during which we hashed out Thanksgiving dinner plans and menu.

Boo: My mouth got torn up by the toasted bread on my BLT.

Yay: Getting out of the office for 30 minutes to take a deposit to the bank this morning.

Boo: Having the slowest ever bank employee attending the drive through lanes.

Yay: Tickets to the matinee showing of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance on Saturday followed by dinner at Ruth's Chris steak house.

Boo: The likely possibility that my body isn't going to be cooperative and will have a positive ovulation prediction today necessitating an IUI on Saturday. (I really thought based on prior months that the positive would be no later than Thursday this week. Gah.)

So what is making you say yay and boo recently?

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