Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Should I worry about my ethics?

Was it so wrong for me to call DH and gloat that it took me less than 10 minutes to vote after he had told me he was in line for 45 minutes?*

I wish I could say I was excited about this election, but I'm not. In my opinion, neither candidate is going to be good for this country. I want someone who can make a decision based on what is right for our country, even if it's not popular. I don't see that, and haven't seen that in the 2 (long) years that we've been subject to campaigning for this election. There are elements I like to both candidates, but I don't think either one has enough good to overwhelm the negatives I also see.

It keeps coming to me that feeling so discouraged about our political system should prompt me to do something about it. This isn't a decision I would take lightly, and isn't something I want to do. (My family has never been into politics. I don't know why I feel this compulsion, it seems very unnatural to me. Like breathing underwater. Just not something I've been trained to or have the innate ability to accomplish.) I'm just not selfless enough and haven't been pushed far enough by the actions of others to make the effort. Like Gerald McGrew of Dr. Seuss's "If I Ran the Zoo" I have plenty of ideas of how I would go about doing things differently. Don't you? But to be honest I'm afraid that our system is so broken that it's going to take some major changes to set things back as they should be, as the founders of our country intended. I don't have the faith that one person can buck the trends however much he or she would want to. But it may be worth a try.

Anyway, go vote. Make your voice heard. And then go to Starbucks and get your free cup of coffee.

*I really wasn't expecting to be in and out so quickly. DH had gone to the polling place shortly after they opened. I went about 2 hours later, on my way into work. I had a book with me in anticipation of a long wait, and was actually looking forward to having the time to read. I ended up getting to work pretty much on time...which is only a problem when you realize that I have so little to do at work, that standing in line reading is an improvement. But as luck had it, when I got there, there was no one in line for my alphabetical grouping, and a long line for one of the other groupings. I almost felt guilty for not having to wait in line. Almost.

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