Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I think I need to find a therapist.

I started a post about me being spoiled. It degenerated into a soliloquy on introversion and infertility and ended with my realization that I've got a whole bunch of things still worming around inside my brain that need to be put to rest.

Excuse me while I go check my insurance provider's website for coverage and local options.


  1. There is no shame in seeing someone to talk about what's going on. I went to a therapist and a psychiatrist for about a year, and honestly, I liked the therapist better because we just talked, more like a conversation, and that helped immensely.

  2. I went to one a couple years back, but never felt like I really connected with him. I guess like most things it's trial and error to find the best fit.

  3. Don't you love it when posts start off one way and then take a completely different turn? It's like your subconscious just really wants to be a blogger and hijacks the rest of you on occasion.

    If you do want to get therapy, I hope you find a therapist who's awesome and can help you work through what's going on in your life. There are a lot of terrible therapists out there but if you find a good one you'll sing his/her praises the rest of your life :)