Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years Ago

Last year I wrote about my memories of the day.

This year I'd like to remember someone who succumbed to collateral damage.

Sometime after 9/11, the empty lot next to my in-laws beach house was cleared and a house was built. The family was from New York/Long Island with three kids in school, and two parents who evaluated their lives post-9/11 and decided it was time for a change.

As time passed, my in-laws grew pretty close with the couple. Always drinks and/or dinner together when they were down, support of the kids, that sort of thing. In return the couple kept an eye on my in-laws place.

At first they had bought an established deli up the road a bit. But they sold that when they were offered a huge amount more than they had paid. After that, the wife stayed at home, and the husband tried a number of things, never finding the perfect fit. To my knowledge he went through real estate, volunteer firefighter, even starting a trash hauling business.

Eventually the husband's mental health started to go. He threatened his wife and his kids. One morning his wife came downstairs to find him. Suicide.

I don't pretend to understand or know everything that tied into his making the decision to end his life instead of seeking help. It didn't help that his father also committed suicide, but I'm pretty sure that the events of 9/11 started the final downward spiral.

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