Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to Ensure Your Husband Has a Happy Birthday in 5 Easy Steps.

1. Make a Special Dinner: Go by the gourmet market and pick up two of the most expensive filet mignon steaks they sell. Make your husbands favorite potato dish and a veggie he approves.

2. Birthday Card: Don't forget this vital part of the day. Be sure to write something sweet and loving about being glad he was born and how your life is better with him in it.

3. Gifts: Go overboard and buy things not on his list but you know he wants because he's mentioned it in passing. Sunglasses cleaner wipes, notepads with his college logo on them, "Undercover Brother" DVD (requested), "Dungeons & Dragons" DVD (has watched multiple times when it's been on HBO/Starz/Sci Fi channel), and a pair of freakin' expensive sunglasses(they may get returned if he decides he wants a different pair, but they were there for him to open). Not to mention the smoker box for the grill and weekend watch from your parents, and several gifts to come from his parents. And, oh yeah, some stickers he wanted for his Mini Cooper that you will give him the day after because you forgot to wrap them as you were frantically wrapping everything else while simultaneously cooking dinner. (Not to mention the sexy lingerie* you've purchased and put on after cooking and eating dinner. Super sneaky tip: "I left one of your gifts upstairs. I'm going to get it and be right back.")

4. Hot Sex: Sexy lingerie does have its perks for both of you!

5. Dessert: Make your husband's favorite cake(Dunkin Hines yellow with milk chocolate icing) and thank goodness it's easy because you don't have much time to get that made along with everything else going on in your life. Be sure to have candles and a way to light them so you can sing to him. By yourself without anyone else there to chime in.

I'm so glad I went to all this effort. DH had a pretty bad day at work but said his evening was fantastic!

*A flyaway babydoll in navy chiffon with black velvet ribbon straps & matching thong bought in a lunchtime fly through of a Vickies store. I made the sales associate take it off a manaquin, which is probably why I can't find it on the Victoria's Secret website (this one is the most similar, except in navy without the polkadots, and a gentle ruffle instead of the aggressive one along the edge). As these things go it was actually fairly comfortable to wear for significantly longer than 5 minutes which is a true bonus.

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