Monday, September 15, 2008

Another weekend down (3 months & 2 weeks to Christmas! Yikes!)

DH told me Tuesday that on Monday he had invited his folks and brother over for ribs Saturday.

Thanks honey!

But ribs are easy - I buy them, make sure we have enough sauce, and DH cooks them. No further effort on my part required.

We also had corn on the cob (not so good at the end of the season), bread, and green beans.

I DID NOT cook the green beans with ham. (Ham is disgusting and is only good in small quantities on biscuits or rolls. ::shudder::) I DID cook the green beans with Greek Seasoning via a recipe I found in my collection of cut out recipes. And since I had done all that work a few weekends ago sorting by category, it took me less than 10 minutes to find a recipe I liked and for which I had the ingredients on had Saturday morning. Yay me!

And for dessert: Yellow cake with brown icing (Yellow and brown are too flavors!) left over from DH's birthday on Tuesday and ice cream. Mint Choc. Chip, Chocolate, or Peanut Butter. Strangely enough, no one chose peanut butter.

Over all, a very successful meal and day/evening.*

Thank goodness it was Saturday though 'cause I still had a bunch of housework left - the living areas got done in the morning, but our bedroom and bath still needed attention.

*It's best not to mention the college football game we started to watch. That's just depressing.

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