Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

Yeah, so we went away for the long weekend. It was our only true vacation of the summer thanks to DH's job change this past spring and the suckage that is vacation policy for (most) American companies.

I started things off Wednesday with a combo body scrub massage thanks to a gift certificate DH got me for Christmas. Nothing like going into a vacation with a head start on relaxation!

Of course, the massage had pretty much worn off by that evening when I had my standard pre-vacation (or even road trip) freak out. No matter how much I try to plan and get everything done in advance there's always something that trips me right over the edge (just thinking about it get's me aggravated again). It's not a pretty picture.

I must admit that DH didn't complain about spending money while we were down there, of course we didn't spend much either - we only ate out a couple times and made one grocery run before his parents came down, and we played a round or two of mini-golf. Oh, and probably spent the most at the new Dunkin' Donuts as we picked up donuts a couple of mornings. In total we probably spent less than we would have on a hotel room for the night. The OBX isn't getting rich off of us!

We spent most of our time sunning and reading on the back deck, and watching TV. (So why did we go away when we could have done those things at home?) (Am cranky this morning at coming back to work - doesn't help when "my procedures" for paying invoices hasn't been followed.)

For those of you who are into the series, I read "Twilight" yesterday morning. Cover your eyes - I thought it was just ok. I liked Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl better (I know, not vampires, but both are also young adult series*). I've got "New Moon" on hold at the library and will pick it up this evening, but I'm not dying to read it. I just couldn't get into any of the main characters. (Much like I felt about watching Enchanted - I just wasn't feeling the love)

*There's an adult vampire series I've read in the past 6 months and enjoyed, but I can't remember the tiles / author. Will update as I either find in my library reciepts or online search.

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  1. Anita Blake Series (Laurell Hamilton, Guilty Pleasures)?