Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here we go again...

Projects, projects, projects:

1) Bedroom curtains, duvet cover and shams - in progress. Now I just need to find that elusive 160-300" center-opening traverse rod so they can be hung once complete. Oh yeah, also design a valence for DH to build. No problem.

2.) Couch - completed. Still missing any extra fabric, arm covers, and a resolution to the seat cushion issue. This is complicated by the upholstery guy not returning my phone calls. DH should have known better than to pay the bill in full before testing out the new cushions.

3.) Deck rail railing - some pickets need to be replaced due to rot, and the whole thing needs to be repainted. My ongoing mission: find the best damn exterior paint on the market. It has to be done this summer, and hopefully before the whole thing turns black (from the white trim color our neighborhood association requires). Shooting for July on's been ongoing for a couple years now. In denial much?

4.) Purge my closet - Compared to some, I don't have a lot of clothes, but I still don't wear a whole lot of what I have. It's time to go through the closet and make the hard decisions on what can be trashed, donated, or sold (I've been saying this for months - anyone want to join me in there to help?). The upside is that I'll have more room for items I will actually wear! I'm thinking it's time to get rid of some of my immediately post-college work clothes, you know, the ones I haven't worn in Years. One thing I won't get rid of, the dress I wore to the party where DH and I met. (nevermindthatIhaven'twornitmorethanoncesincethen. didjaknowrayonshrinkswhenexposedtowaterandnotdrycleaned?)

5.) Purge my bathroom vanity - anyone need a dozen empty prescription bottles? (Pack-rat tendencies? Who? Me? Never!) Hair products that haven't worked, mis-judged makeup colors, expired shampoo samples...they all need to go!

6.) Finally, a little project I like to call "Finish the Basement!" That's a post in it's own right. Stay tuned!


This weekend, in addition to going to the County Fair on Saturday to enjoy the lawnmower races and tractor pulls (Along with Funnel! Cake! (read as Homer Simpson saying donuts)) I'm aiming to get dug in on #4. Along with vacuuming/dusting the house, and mopping the wood floors. They (the infamous "they") say you should wipe up all spills when they occur. They have apparently never lived with a slobbering dog. And, oh yeah, my BIL is coming to the Fair with us, so the sheets on the guest bed need to be changed Friday or Saturday morning from my parents visit tonight. Hmmm, I may not have time to even look in the closet this weekend much less go through it in depth.

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  1. I worked on curtains for my house this weekend. And while it almost killed me..they are done and look great!

    Good luck to you!