Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Ramblings

Thanks for the great post ideas...I'll be getting on those this week (...and Jen's list, I've had to do some thinking on that one)

But here's a few things...
  • 10 yards of mulch isn't enough to cover all of our beds, and it's a literal pain to spread. (DH actually suggested getting someone to do it next year...this is a breakthrough after both of us spent most of Saturday working and still didn't get everything covered.)
  • DH does a better job of vacuuming than I do. (It's a real shame he doesn't get motivated to vacuum more often. Perhaps this time it was due to his parents coming for a Mother's Day lunch/dinner and I didn't have time to both cook and vacuum on Sunday, or energy to do it Saturday after the days activities.)
  • Can anyone tell me why my temps have actually gone down this month? (sorry, back to IF here; it's kinda bugging me, but not enough to check with a doc. I'm not actually expecting an answer BTW.)
  • The simplest meals often taste the best. And even better when shared with family. (The way my MIL raved you would think roasted chicken, sautéed spinach, stuffing, and gravy was gourmet.)
  • Enjoying using our nice china, silver and crystal is worth the additional work to hand wash the crystal and knives. (Everything else can go in the dishwasher, but you don't want silver and stainless utensils to touch. That's bad for the silver.)
  • For all the things our landscaper did wrong, they certainly planted our peony's properly. Those plants just keep getting bigger and more prolific. (Last week after a hard rain bent many of the blooms down, I had flowers in the house enough to perfume the first floor. And still more to bring in over the weekend after those first blooms faded.)

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