Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Putting the plan into action...

3/14 Friday (CD 4): Bloodwork. I hope I get someone good who doesn't have to try 6 times.

3/19 Wednesday (CD 9): HSG in the AM? I've got a call into the OB/GYN's office to talk to a nurse / get it scheduled. We have plans to leave for Snowshoe for 4 nights so hopefully it can be done first thing and isn't as painful as the endo. biopsy because 5 hours in a car isn't going to be fun if it is! And I really don't want to miss out on this trip.

3/25 or 3/26 Tuesday or Wednesday (CD 15 or 16) post-coital exam. Whee.


  1. Oh no! So your monthly came anyway? I thought for sure from your entry about your temp going up consistently that there was a good possibility of some au naturel action. Oh well, I hope all the upcoming testing goes well for you!

  2. Yay for plans and action and whatnot! Woo hoo!

    I never had the post-coital. Do you think you'll feel all guility? Like, "they totally know we did it last night."