Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Check it out: We had sex last night!

Ok, so it wasn't really last night, but that's the essence of what you are doing when you sign up for a post-coital test with your ob/gyn or RE.

Of all the recent tests I've gone through, this was the easiest by far. Even less uncomfortable than a pap smear.

And as a surprise, I got to have a vaginal ultra-sound as well. Dr. S. (the RE) decided that since I was coming in, he should go ahead and check out my ovaries and uterus.

So there's good news and bad news.
Good news first: the post-coital test results were as they should be. Good mucus, good swimmers. Could be that DH was just having a bad week when he went in for the SA.
Bad news: (1) my left ovary was shy. Even with external manipulation it stayed mostly hidden. Doesn't mean it's not there, it just didn't want to show off. (2) my right ovary only had a few follicles, the largest was only 10mm. Keep in mind, this test was done on CD 14, so I should be close to ovulation, which typically takes a 20mm follicle. But without seeing the left ovary, who knows?

What does this mean? Either I have already ovulated, or I won't ovulate without chemical help. At this point, with this cycle being non-medicated, there's no way to tell. My temp chart is all over the place. (Also, have not been doing OPK as I forgot to purchase prior to our trip last week, so that info is missing.) I have a Rx for another progesterone level check the beginning of next week. So that should at least indicate whether I have or have not ovulated by that time next week.

Going back to good news (sort of, at least) it doesn't appear that I am reverting to a 2-week cycle as I had this fall (which precipitated the use of Clomid). But I won't know for another couple weeks if I will remain on a 28/30 day cycle or go longer. Anyone want to roll the dice?

I still have to go back and do a HSG test next cycle (whenever that may be). This time I think I will deal with the extra travel hassle of having it done with Dr. S. as it sounds like he does it the "normal" way - everything done on the x-ray table vs. having to make my own way from the office to the hospital with catheter in place. Plus, Dr. S. has promised numbing of my cervix and Valium. He really knows the way to this girls heart.

This (should) concludes this month's episodes of infertility news. Back to the regular schedule of whining and banality.