Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whining and Banality

I'm in a cranky mood, have been most of the week, so here's a bullet list of highlights:
(You can't say you haven't been warned.)
(edited to put in the bullet marks which show up in compose but not on the actual post. Sigh.)

  • +In response to a known telemarketers insincere question of "How are you today?" on Monday morning: "I'm in a bad mood and I don't have time to talk to you. Call back later."
  • +This was after stressing myself out because I was afraid we had missed the window for doctor-approved sex before our post-coital appointment.
  • +DH has taken the week off between the last day of his prior job and the first day of his new job.
  • +Even though he is at home all day, he still expects me to make dinner.
  • +I keep sleeping through the alarm. Darn those dreams.
  • +We got our recovered couch back yesterday.
  • +The cushions are rock hard. Not the enveloping comfort we expected after paying for new foam.
  • +But the fabric looks really good in our family room.
  • +After the appointment on Monday, DH and I test drove Mini Coopers.
  • +DH is contemplating getting one as a commuting car.
  • +Something about gas prices going up and his current Tahoe only getting 16 mpg.
  • +He would keep the Tahoe for longer trips where comfort is important.
  • +On our way home we got a call from my MIL - DH's cousin's identical twin daughters came 2 days prior to the scheduled c-section.
  • +I'm not fond of the names DH's cousin and wife picked out.
  • +But as DH pointed out, they aren't my kids to name.
  • +DH bought the plane tickets and arranged a rental car for my cousin's wedding in May.
  • +The couple getting married in May has the same first names as the couple who just had the twins. It gets a little confusing.
  • +I'm not sure what to get them as a wedding present. Probably something decorative from the local Waterford outlet store. What? Who returns anything by Waterford?
  • +I have to get back to work. Boo.
  • +It's not that bad. I just want to be doing something, anything, else right now. Sleep ranks up there. Also weeding the flower beds. And perhaps planting some pansy's for color. I could even be happier lounging on the new couch watching bad tv. Augh!
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