Saturday, November 29, 2014

38+ Down & Thanksgiving Report

Saw a different OB this past week as my regular OB had the nerve* to take the week off for Thanksgiving. (*Just kidding, she deserved the vacation and I don't begrudge her doing so.) OB #2 was actually the one I had seen in August 2013 who had the not so nice job of telling me that surprise pregnancy hadn't stuck around, so it was nice to see him under more positive circumstances.

Per his measurements I was closer to 70% effaced and 1-2cm dilated. Eh, these things can go back and forth, but it did remind me a bit of when I was in labor with LO and the resident/intern said I was at 10cm, they hauled me to the OR for delivery (all other delivery rooms were occupied), an OB checked me there and determined it was something like 4 or 6cm and back I went to the triage room.

In related news, LT is still firmly head down. Her newest trick is bouncing or pressing on my bladder when I'm sitting upright; Thanksgiving dinner was quite painful thanks to this!

We were supposed to have my parents, and DH's parents, and his brother for Thanksgiving dinner but only the IL's ended up coming since my parents both came down with an awful cold the beginning of the week and kindly didn't want to share their germs or travel while feeling especially crummy. BIL is in a down turn at the moment so he didn't feel like coming, I've come to accept that it's best to plan for him to attend and hope that he will but expect that he won't and be pleasantly surprised if he does. It's complicated. 

Dinner itself was good, but the low point came afterwards when I fussed at MIL for putting dirty dishes in the clean dishwasher while just letting the water run in the sink (I'd asked DH to empty but he hadn't gotten to it) and her getting upset to the point of tears. But who just starts putting dishes in a dishwasher without asking if it was clean or dirty? Sure the bottom rack was 2/3 empty but the top was completely full! She called the next day to tell me I need to think about how I communicate with people, that I'm too harsh (and I thought I was holding back in my reaction to not only the dishes but the water running - I've told her multiple times we don't need to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, that my dishwasher is better than her crappy model). Even DH was WTH about that!

LO also has a cold which she generously shared with me - though she seems to have gotten the worse part of it with several nights of coughing herself (and us) awake thanks to gunk, and a low-grade fever the past couple days. I just have sinus pressure and drainage which isn't too bad when I keep up with the Tylenol.

In sum, I'm tired and can't get comfortable and LO is watching way too much TV and spending way too much time on computers and tablet because I don't have the energy or stamina to occupy her otherwise.

Please send come out soon vibes to LT. Not sure how much longer any of us can deal!

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  1. I'm stalking your blog, just so you know. So excited for LT!!!