Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 or Less (Fewer?)

No idea about effacement, but right around 3cm dilated. 

OB is thrilled to have reached this point. Me, not so much. I can't find a comfortable position - sitting upright, laying on my left side, laying on my back. The belly is up in my ribs all the time.

She did, out of the blue, say I could schedule an induction starting at 39 weeks, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Epidural and pictocin when already in labor are one thing, introducing them when there is no reason to, quite another. At least in my mind.

As much as I'm ready to not be pregnant, I'm also not ready for everything to change for our family. Because I know things are going to change, and while I can perhaps throw an educated guess at it, I just don't know how, and how all of us are going to react to the changes.

LO is really good at being 4 - both the hard parts and the good parts. I realized the other afternoon, and I don't know why it hit me so hard at that time, that as big as she is, she's still just a little girl. So while she's able now to let the dog in and out (and get cutely huffy about it), go potty on her own (still working on the wiping/washing/flushing bit), and mostly entertain herself without my having to supervise, she is also throwing magnificent tantrums about random things, getting pickier about food, and not using her ears as effectively as she could be.

And I do mean big size wise, at 4 and a few months she's wearing kids 6 and 6x. The sleeves and legs are a trifle long, but the waist and  shoulders fit her just right. I'm actually a little concerned as the waists and rears in the size 6 winter pants are already getting a bit snug.  (Side rant here about how at many stores moving into size 4 and up girls clothes mean that everything thing in that range is designed for the pre-teen set. Never mind that a 10yo should not be dressing like a 15yo and how that trickles down to the smaller end of sizes as's infuriating and convinces me that the people designing and making the decisions about fashion do not have kids  /end rant)

DH is working crazy hours thanks to a number of factors outside his control. He is hiring, but that process adds to his work, along with the integration of the new people into the system. My guess is that while he'll theoretically take off work once LT arrives, he'll still end up doing a number of hours each day just to keep things from boiling over. Grrr.

Oh, here's where I tease you...I think we've finally agreed on a first/middle name combination for LT. Strangely the first name starts with the same initial as LO. Trying to avoid it, but that's the name we both liked. Middle is different, but the final kicker is the last letter for LO's first/middle names are reversed for LT. The middle name, like LOs, was a maiden name for a now deceased grandmother, LO's on my side, LT's on DH's side.

And now everyone home is demanding to eat dinner. What is up with that?! Off I go to oblige them.


  1. Things will change exactly how you think they will. The first few weeks, LO will be watching a ton of TV and you'll be tired and feel like someone is always crying or pooping. Then, things will even out and at some point you'll look around and realize you recognize your life again.

  2. You will adapt. And so will everyone else. Sometimes you will long for quiet and boring, but don't worry, you will get neither. :-) Somehow you will make. And then you will get at the stage when your only wish is to get everyone unharmed through to the next week.

  3. Somehow you will make IT. Blah. Blogspot. Move to wordpress, is less annoying. :-)