Friday, May 2, 2014

Sounds Like a Washing Machine In There

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh - at something like 171 beats per minute.

Which is to say that today's appointment went very well.

Only one in there (phew!) measuring in at 8wk 1day, so only a couple days off from my count of the weeks starting on Tuesdays.  Everything else looks good too (yolk sac, lining, cervix length, etc. etc.).

Doc's going to start me on prometrium inserts starting week 16 or 17 (whoopie...but better than injections!) to help stave off another premature arrival. My internal dialogue when she said this: I don't know if I can handle going full term!

Next visit, at the end of the month, brings another ultrasound with the nuchal fold measurement & blood panel which goes along with it. 

Something different with this ob/gyn group from the one I went to before we moved is that I'll see the same doctor for every visit instead of going round-robin to meet them all.  I like this change!  As I learned with LO's arrival, even if you meet all the doctors in a group, you can end up not delivering with any of them!

Over the past week I was starting to feel smug about my lack of vomiting. Of course that meant that last night I was struck by an unavoidable urge to do so. Morning sickness, hah!

So for now, I'm trying to relax and enjoy and let the future take care of itself. Bad things can happen whether I worry about them or not, so why give the power to the fear?


  1. FANTASTIC!!! So, when exactly is the due date, early December? Dude, I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU, I am even splashing exclamation points willy-nilly, along with CAPITALS and whatnots!! Love your realisation that you can't help anything by worrying, one is never prepared for bad thigns, no matter how much one thinks about that. It is so much better to relax and enjoy (pardon for gagging, it is reflex :-)), but really, it would be wonderful if you could actually let go of the fear and enjoy the good parts. Sorry for the nausea. Have you tried the classic remedies, ginger ale, ginger snaps, etc? And DO keep a journal,, you will forget EVERYTHING, the second time even faster, and when you find mementos

  2. (Am so totally ignoring the pranks you pull out of your stupid arse, blogspot)... Of this second time, you will feel so ridiculously happy and nostalgic and happy and sad, all wrapped up in one and it keeps you going when the going is a bit rougher. Although I suspect you will have an easier time, because LO is older than George was when Stevie came, and she will be able to even help, like George helps now, and

  3. Still ignoring you, blogspot, although I am starting to be pissed off.
    Right, so, in some respects, it will be easier.

  4. Hooray (or all the good news, not the morning sickness)!