Monday, May 12, 2014

And there's only another 30 weeks to go!

So - things seem to be chugging along.

Increased stomach issues at 9 weeks+: check
Exhaustion exacerbated by LO waking before 6AM daily: check
Aversions to foods which might actually help relieve stomach issues: check
Informing the grandparents on Mother's Day to shocked but pleased reactions: check
Ditto for LO: check
LO informing her preschool class the following day that her Mommy has a baby in her tummy: check

This is by far my least favorite part of pregnancy. All those hormones slooshing around spiking and dipping and generally not letting the rest of the body adjust before changing once again. 

I'm also grumpy because the remodeling & updating project we started the Monday after our return from vacation which was projected to take at most three weeks now looks to be dragging out for at least two more weeks, if not three. I wish I could say I was surprised, but given the way the start date got pushed out a couple of months from the estimate given when we signed the contract, I'm just resigned.  Grumpy too as in the immediate time frame our shower, which we are having regrouted, has taken the tile guys way way way longer than the 2-3 days they estimated. And they damaged our shower controls while using an acid product (they are going to replace them, but still it's just one more thing). The long delay in getting started made me question the company, all the rest has cemented my unhappiness with them.  Plus I'd like to be able to leave the house again for more than the time it takes to do a preschool run with a quick stop for groceries!

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  1. Yay, good news! :-D
    I hope the less pleasant part is over soon, and you get to enjoy part of this pregnancy. The remodeling project is a bother alright. I hate it when you pay people to do their job, and they still mess up. Gah.