Friday, April 25, 2014


Oh, there's nothing like being on vacation and having to refuse "free" alcohol at least once a day.  Especially when you're not ready to break out the 'I'm pregnant!' excuse. And finding your range of acceptable foods shrink from moderately wide to embarrassingly small with a tiny overlap with the available foods mid-week, and after making restaurant reservations.

But, despite that we did have a wonderful time on vacation - got 8 mostly-uninterrupted hours of sleep or so a night, did little to nothing besides lounging pool-side and eating every day and came back more exhausted than when we left. What's up with that?!

Also, no things I had feared might happen happened, apart from the food issues mentioned above which thankfully didn't kick in until the latter portion of our vacation.

Still counting down to the 2nd when all shall be revealed for better or worse.

And now I'm off towards bed as we didn't arrive home until after 1am this morning and despite a 1.5hr nap that snuck up on me while I shut my eyes for 'just a few minutes' I'm pooped.

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