Sunday, March 2, 2014

I've Got A Brag

About myself.

I joined a gym (local chain) at the end of October and started going M/W/F mornings after dropping LO off at preschool. Since then I missed a couple of weeks thanks to the holidays, and another thanks to 3/3 of us being sick and not being able to breathe, and a few days here and there thanks to it being the thing which got dropped in favor of doctor appointments or other scheduling issues.

This chain has a "University" program you can sign up for which provides a basic introduction to a circuit of machines, after 4-5 weeks you are introduced to more upper body machines, and after 7-8 weeks more lower body machines, and then you "graduate" - congratulations, here's a t-shirt! So, seeing how it's been years since I'd been in a gym, I did that program, plus cardio on an elliptical. I also made it a priority to attend a LesMills Body Flow class on Friday mornings which includes elements of Tai Chi, Pilates & Yoga and leaves me feeling great.

So, here's the brag - since the beginning of November, I've lost fat and gained muscle to the tune of adding ~5lbs to my weight (grrrr).  But, and I should have done this before I started for comparison, the brag is that I'm down to somewhere 20-22% body fat according to the caliper test a trainer did.

I know it's only been 4 months, but I think that's pretty good to go from barely being able to use any of the machines weighted at more than 10-15 pounds to doing machine squats over my actual weight. 

Now, if I could only get rid of that pesky pudge under my belly-button!  Maybe I should start making healthier food choices...

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