Thursday, July 18, 2013

Perhaps I Should Just Buy One Already? (edited)

You guys...

Talk me down.

I'm officially late.  If you go by the fact that every damn one of my last cycles have been 27 days or less, I'm officially later.

Hope yes, but also there's a feeling of  'oh, crap' how would we deal with this?

My primary thought: Housing logistics...there are "officially" six bedrooms in the house, 1 is ours, 1 is LO's with adjoining bath, 2 are guest rooms (important so both sides of the family can visit at once), 1 is the playroom, and 1 is a workout room.  The other closest bedroom is currently a guest room. Gah - this kept me up for way too many hours the other night.

Of course, the other thought is hello peri-menopause which is it's own set of crap.

Haven't mentioned it to DH and I don't have a HPT in the house.

I guess I'm really hoping that I'm just having an odd extended cycle. I've got my annual scheduled with a new OB/GYN in a little over a month.  One way or another, I'm guessing we'll have a bit to talk about, huh.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will buy the damn test. Tomorrow is probably when my period will start, too. I'd call it irony but it's already happened too many times before.

Friday Morning Edit: Went by Walgreens to buy a HPT but they were minimum $9 for 1 of the high-end store brand, or 2 basic for $11.  For the store brand! So I went to the Dollar Tree for their version.  Took it when I got home but not sure what the actual result was since it was my first experience with them.  There was a super faint second line - so I'm not sure if it was a + or an evaporation line. I do know my period didn't show just because I bought or took it.  Maybe tomorrow? Or maybe I should just suck up the cost and buy another test if there's no changes in the next few days?

The other irony if I am actually pregnant, is that DH has expressed concerns about adding to the family, and I was well on my way to being okay with just one....sigh.


  1. I really hate that. That has happened too often lately. It was bad enough that I bought the test and then started my period. I think buying the test brought it on!

    1. Amazing how our bodies know what we've purchased.

      I swear my extended lack of period last summer was because my body was keeping me from having to deal with my period while we were living with the in-laws. It started a week or less after we moved into the new house!

  2. Oh my...I look forward to another edit! Just go buy a good test!

  3. And you left us sitting here on the edge, biting our nails?!? DUDE!!! C'm'ooooooon!

    1. Monday. I will do it Monday on the weekly grocery run so I have lots and lots of buffer items.

      But if I am to believe the cervical position information found on the internet, then yes, things are afoot. I dunno. There's a fair bit of denial right now.