Monday, January 7, 2013

Spammers - Be Gone!!!

If only I had a working magic wand I could flourish with a swish & flick and the appropriately bastardized Latin words I could turn all the spammers who have recently found my blog into wart covered toads.

But then again, how much of a change would that be?  How about butterflies, lots and lots of pretty butterflies.  Ron would be much happier!

In the meantime, I've added the capsha crap to the commenting process. 

Oh, and since it's delurking week - if you're not a spammer turned butterfly - please come out and say "HI" & tell me about yourself if you are so inclined.  Sorry about having to make it more difficult.


  1. Still here...Just not doing a lot of commenting...

  2. Always keeping tabs on what's going on! Should I feel hurt that spammers don't like my site enough to visit? :)

  3. Farting Teddy Bear would "rip" them a new one! :D