Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ode to Crud! (edited)

Dear Crud,

You have been an uninvited guest in our house for almost the past month.  Now that you have made the rounds of all human members of the household it is time for you to go, not time for you to expand on prior acquaintance.

No love at all,
Me (chief cook, tissue purchaser, & bleacher of all things unsanitary)

Edited to Add:  
We (LO & I) visited the doctor on Monday and emerged with a prescription each for antibiotic to kick out the squatting bacteria giving LO yet another ear infection & me an upper respiratory infection.  I also scored a prescription for an inhaler (the pharmacy was out so I have to pick up today & I. Can't. Wait!) since not only am I coughing but wheezing. Joy.  DH is at the doctor as I type - anyone want to guess what he'll leave with?


  1. I do hope you got through to that bloody crud. I am still working on it. Dude, it's been ten farking days of snot and cough! I am soooooo done! But apparently the crud is not. Gah.
    Best to you.

  2. Matching antibiotic prescriptions! Aawwww, the viruses should die of cuteness. :-)