Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh, hello...anyone out there?

It HAS been a while, hasn't it?  Life with a toddler & new house sure is busy!

So, the new house. It's great. It has it's mysteries - what exactly does that one switch in the four by the kitchen sink control, anyway? - which is certainly a change for us from being able to account for every corner and quirk in the old house since we built it from the plans up.

We spent the first night in the house the Sunday after we closed.  So it's been a little over two weeks.  Today I finally got my dishwasher seated properly; can I tell you how exciting it was to load it up and run it after hand washing everything from the day we moved in? I loathe washing dishes. I'd rather scrub toilets. With my toothbrush. (Okay, maybe that's a little extreme but you get the picture, such as it is.)

The boxes seem to have stopped multiplying for the moment; though there are still plenty of them around the house, all of the necessary items have been recovered or accounted for.  We're still trying to figure out the playroom layout and what furniture might be needed in there to allow it to also be used as an office/organizational area for me. Even with the mass of furniture we had in the basement there and the doubled square footage here, many of the pieces aren't any more useful here than they were there.

Little One started twice-weekly half-day preschool last week. The first drop-off went really well, the second, not so much. I think she has enjoyed it, but even this morning was talking about how she said 'Mommy Mommy' after I left the last time. (Cue guilt for not feeling confident in my preschool teaching abilities & wanting some time for myself to get things done without a "little helper" making things take longer or be rushed.) She was supposed to go today but I kept her home thanks to a juicy cough she's developed after a fever came up Friday afternoon with a runny nose on Saturday.  It sure didn't take long for the preschool plague to catch her (and subsequently me, darnit)!

Naps have been so odd recently. First I couldn't get her to nap, then she took 2 hour naps this weekend and today I think she may have gotten 30 minutes after an equal or greater amount of fussing before she coughed herself awake and started screaming again. 

What else? I celebrated my 3rd dozen years on Saturday. Sort of. If caring for a kiddo with the crud while DH is away for the day counts as celebrating. It was an event he couldn't miss and he did come back that evening, and had already ordered a new laptop for me the week before so I'm not holding it against him.

Please send get well quickly wishes our way, we both could very much use them!

PS. Little One also earned her first stitches while we were unpacking thanks to an ill-placed piece of furniture and the clumsy genes she inherited from me. Caught herself right on the eye socket under her eyebrow.  Poor thing! The insertion and removal went - well - it took me sitting on her legs, and two others each time to hold her head/arms still long enough for the process to occur.  So, not easily.  But it's healing nicely now and I'm glad we got the stitches to help minimize the scar.  A pretty girl doesn't need a scar on her eye!


  1. Oh my goodness, your life is so busy!!!

  2. Get well soon! I moved on from simple snotfest to snot-and-painful-cough stage. Absolutely bloody lovely... Hope you skipped this stage and went straight to 'over with' one.
    Your house sounds a lot of work. I still find things unpacked one year later.
    LO will adjust to preschool. And your guilt will fade away. It is certain. :-)