Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lettin' Teh Bitch Out

Teh Bitch? Yes, that is I.  Or is it that is me? Or I am she?  Whatever.  After the past few days, the grammar police are the least of my worries.

So we had the inspection on Tuesday.  Turns out all the work we did in advance was worth it, so there's not really much to deal with.  But the real estate agent for the buyer, the one we didn't chose to represent us? She's excellent at turning mole-hills into mountains - taking it out on us for costing her the other 3% of the commission or just being a PITA because she can, who knows?!

Oh, and the inspector? Broke our Grohe kitchen faucet trying to make the spray function lock down.  News flash: the faucet model we have? Doesn't have a lock down for the spray - it's hold down only.  So we've got to deal with that. 

And guess what else?  He managed to trip the breaker for our irrigation system which we didn't realize before we left for the beach (that's a story to follow) on Wednesday so a good chunk of the grass in our yard is now totally stressed out after 4 days in 95+ degree heat without water.

Furthermore, when we got home today from the beach?  I went to take LO upstairs to her room to hopefully encourage her to resume the 3 minutes of nap she had before we got her out car and the walk up the stairs was like entering our non-climate controlled attic. Or going back outside.  The thermometer on the thermostat said it was 94*.  94 degrees INSIDE the house!!!  So, we're hoping to have that fix covered by the homeowner's warranty coverage for our listing period that we signed up for since it was free. So far the referred company can get to us Wednesday or Thursday.  In the meantime? We'll be sleeping on an air mattress in our office while LO sleeps in her pack & play in the makeshift room we've created in our back hall.  This is when a first floor master or other bedroom would be ever so helpful. 

And LO? Never got to continue her nap. It was a fun afternoon/evening!


So, the beach?  If DH had to work I wouldn't have gone alone with LO.  I have not been in the mood to deal with my MIL and it would have been ugly.  Not just ugly, but ooog-leee.  As it was, it still kinda sucked.  The temperatures and humidity were unbearable and I had forgotten my kindle or any other form of entertainment.  LO's birthday is Tuesday (with everything else going on it's a good thing I got the shopping done early, for once, or she would have been getting a bunch of nothing from us.) so we celebrated it with them on Friday.  And my MIL, in a totally expected turn of events, bought way too much crap that LO didn't give a darn about.  Is it wrong of me to be totally thrilled that the 2' diameter ball DH and I bought for $2.50 on a whim at Wal-Mart while searching for some other items was more popular than the crap my MIL bought?  The topper? She had ordered a bunch of stuff I had suggested for LO but had it shipped to their house instead of the beach house and so had gone out and bought more stuff so there would be plenty for LO to open.  If pulling stuff out of gift bags can be considered opening.  Anyway.  She just doesn't get it - but we do.  If it doesn't make her look good, it doesn't matter.  And she thinks lots of gifts make her look good regardless of whether it's something LO is going to like or not.  Thankfully, we were able to leave most of the extra stuff at the beach house for later use, but LO is still going to get the remaining original items at some point. 

The best part of the weekend?  My BIL coming down and making the effort to spend more time with us and with LO.  That, tied with seeing LO getting to steer the jet-ski and power-boat with a great big smile on her face.  We're in so much trouble with this one!


  1. Oh goodness...94? For real? I can't even fathom. Tons of people lost power in our area after the last crazy storms, but thankfully we didn't. I can't even imagine functioning in conditions like that.

    As far as the beach, you were very brave to go! Where in the OBX did you go? We are going to Corolla. If you have any recommendations, let me know.

    1. It would have been better if we'd lost power because with our generator we can still run that A/C. But yeah, sleeping downstairs is where it's at until we can get it fixed.

      My in-laws house is on the sound pretty much right after the bridge so we don't go north/south by much so no good suggestions here. Sorry! (Well, chik-fil-a & target & wawa are off the last exit before the expressway starts & that's a great place to stop and work off energy if needed.)

  2. Oh, my, birthday crap th child doesn't care for! I am glad you got more feedback from your gift. :-)
    Humidity and heat are awful. We sort of have that here as well, but not for long.
    Happy birthday, Little One! Hope you're all well!

  3. I love summer, but only because I have A/C...94 inside the house is unthinkable. Sorry for the house woes, I hope it gets fixed quickly - whew, I feel warm just thinking about it!