Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Still Holding On

Our offer was rejected for two reasons.  (1)The house is part of a relocation package and the company doesn't accept contingencies (like having to sell our house, I think if it was under contract they might take it). (2) Our offer really was below what the company will accept.  But the good news is that it's still on the market, and we are within days of getting our house on the market (for a price which stinks considering what we've put into it), so maybe it could still work out for us. Fingers really really tightly crossed.

Instead of enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day weekend, we spent it decluttering, depersonalizing, and with DH doing a really fantastic job of organizing the basement to best show off the mammoth amount of space down there despite the equally mammoth amount of crap we've accumulated: both ours, and family extras.  After next weekend when the in-laws come to clear out the BIL's stuff from when he moved home (don't ask why we got his stuff instead of the in-laws), most of the remaining items will actually be useful if we do find a house in the size range we're hoping for.

In unrelated news, as her second birthday approaches, and at odd moments, I've been thinking about how easy it is to forget that LO was a preemie.  Even if I do say so myself, after the first couple of months she seemed to be pretty much right in line with her friends, all of whom were born between her actual birth date and her due date.  When I think about what challenges we could have faced with her growth & development, I'm so so grateful for how lucky we were, and she was, to avoid those issues.

We did actually have a few moments of fun this weekend when we took LO for her first ice cream cone. Predictably she dropped it, but not until after she'd eaten a good half of it (the ice cream store had the cutest little kids cake cones - only 1.5-2" tall) and she made out okay by getting to taste DH's chocolate/mint-chocolate double-scoop and my chocolate peanut butter brownie.  What I didn't think to expect was that giving her ice cream between 3 and 4pm, after she got up from her nap, would affect bedtime quite so badly.  She chattered to herself for a good 45 minutes after she went down shortly after 8. At least she wasn't win?

So that's where we are - still in that darn holding pattern of of not knowing exactly where we'll be or when. It makes significant planning for the future a real bitch even after making the decision to move (hah!) forward.


  1. Ugh, hope the house situation ends up working out. It's a crazy market right now so maybe 1) you'll get a contract really quickly and 2) the other house will continue to sit on the market (the longer it is on the market, hopefully the better the price you can get). And hurray for ice cream. It's really crazy thinking about "firsts"...she'll have hundreds of ice cream cones in her lifetime (well, if she's anything like me...) yet this was her very first one. Sweet :)

  2. Fingers crossed for the house! I hope this situation settles to your satisfaction.
    And I guess it is easy to forget about being a preemie, since she is like the other kids. Luck is something you either have or you don't, so l am happy she is so lucky. And you too. Hopefully it is the kind of luck tht matters and sticks forever.

  3. Oy, that uncertainty is the worst. Been there, done that, wouldn't recommend it. Good luck with everything!

  4. Thank you so much for welcoming me back (and clearly I am going to have more to blog about than I realized)! I am so glad your daughter(! I love that you had a baby! So freaking happy for you and way way belated congratulations!)
    Sorry the initial offer didn't work out, but man, how exciting that you're going to make a move. I first found IF blogs through reading house blogs and still have an unhealthy addiction to Trulia. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  5. Fingers crossed it all works out and you're on the move soon Oh and trust me, de-cluttering now is a great idea.. if only we'd have done it before moving last month!