Monday, October 3, 2011

Musings on Clutter (Updated)

In the fridge - expired medications from the last IVF cycle (2009).

In the freezer - bags of breastmilk, also expired.

In the pantry/trash - cans of soup. (Potato cheese broccoli from 2010 anyone?)

In my mind - residual sadness we didn't have an oops, residual tiredness thanks to a rude 4:45 awakening Sunday AM, the hope that my actual birthday* brings a SD(+?) card for my new camera & frustration that digital cameras don't include very much memory thus requiring removable memory so I can't play around with it too much just yet.

In the rest of my house - piles of papers on almost every flat surface to deal with "later", placed out of the way of Little One's sticky little fingers, with "later" never seeming to arrive. Or when "later" does finally arrive they are replaced as quickly as the prior ones departed.

It's a rainy yukky day and if Little One didn't have music class we wouldn't be leaving the house. When we return, I will find the energy to make cookies. Homemade cookies always make a day better! As do lap snuggles from the more anti-social of our two kitties.

And yet one more thing: Turns out one of the other moms in our music class went to the same college, in the same department, was only a year ahead of me, and her third is the same age as Little One. That stupid residual jealousy still crops up and bites me when I least expect it!

*One that feels bigger to me than some, as those ending in 5 or 0 can.


  1. Oh yeah...I totally get where you are coming from. It is sad to see all the old IVF stuff, especially with so many "oops" babies around. It is so hard when you know that there is no possibility of an baby, despite the lack of birth control.

  2. I hope those cookies do the trick for you :)

  3. I try to keep clutter under control, but never suceed. Now, when we moved, I managed to throw away a lot of expired stuff. But I am sure I will stock up again with crap. I always do.

    As for the oops, I am sorry too, it would have been so nice to have one, wouldn't it? But it does not prevent me to hope you'll have one soon. Even a planned oops would do. Fingers crossed.