Tuesday, July 26, 2011

These Are the Days of Our Lives

It still seems like Little One spends the majority of her day eating or having her diaper changed. But with less sleeping compared to where she was a year ago.

I think I'm looking forward to days without diapers, and larger meals with fewer snacks. Of course, I'm sure those days will bring their own challenges.

For now I guess I'll just have to savor the many, many, many times a day she reaches out her arms in the seemingly universal baby body language for up. And the cackles as she and the dog chase each other around the room. And getting clocked in the eye with a block as she rushes over to where I'm laying on the floor to give me a hug and trips over her own feet.

In the meantime though, can someone find me an ice pack? That last one hurt!


  1. ohhh...ouch.... :) I think at this point you need to have the ice pack permentenly in the fridge, for either you or her, as bumps are going to become more and more frequent!

  2. Yeah, I get smacked in the face pretty regularly too. Who knew toddlers could be such bruisers?!